Our Mission

With over 20 years of experience transporting live fish, O’Malley transport offers a highly efficient and reliable service in live fish transport. We work closely with clients to accommodate their fish movements by road to any destination throughout Ireland, UK and Europe. We pride ourselves on having the most up to date equipment and vehicles available in Ireland.

All our drivers are highly experienced in live fish transport and can advise on stocking densities dependingon water temperatures, fish type and size.

All our equipment is disinfected before and after any movement of live fish using steam cleaner and virkon disinfectant.

All vehicles are covered by 24hr breakdown throughout Ireland, UK and Europe.

We strive to be your complete shipping solution.

Procedures before and during transport:

The fish are checked before, during loading, and on leaving the site. Air is distributed to fish tanks via oil free air compressors. The in cab oxygen monitoring display shows clearly the oxygen levels in each tank on the vehicle during the journey. This is controlled automatically to the preset level by solenoid valves.

Drivers will also do a series of manual checks during transport. In the case of long distance transport, two drivers will be supplied to reduce journey times.


Equipment used:


Dual oxygen systems on each trailer(one in operation and one backup system in case of failure)


Custom manufactured self draining fibre glass tanks with 8” Mucon valves for easy unloading, each valve has a sleeve which will fit into most outlet pipe sizes.


Point four oxygen System providing in cab monitoring and automatic oxygen level control


Ample oxygen with automatic change over valves


Oil free compressors for aeration


On board disinfection system